Moto and Object

The GFWC-SC Motto is: Animis Obibusque Parati, “Prepared in mind and resources.”

The GFWC-SC Object* is: “To bring together the various clubs of women throughout the State for comparison of their aims, work and for mutual counsel and helpfulness, and to accomplish by unity and action, work that would be impossible without organization.

*As listed in the 1908-1909 Yearbook, during the administration of Mrs. W.B. Burney."

GFWC-SC Headquarters

Federation Headquarters is located at 1511 Laurel Street, Columbia, South Carolina. It is housed in the Sims-Stackhouse Mansion. James T. Sims, a planter, built the house between 1850-1853. The stately white mansion, constructed in the classical revival style, was centered in an expansive, boxwood-lined garden. It featured an entrance piazza, with Corinthian columns and an ornate front door. The elevated first floor included a music room, parlor, library, dining room, and a hallway with a circular stairway to the balcony second floor where the bedrooms were located. In 1909, Mr. T. B. Stackhouse purchased the property from James T. Sims. Mr. Stackhouse removed the house from its porticoed basement and settled it on a lot to the right at 1511 Laurel Street. He replaced the stairway with a carved oak creation, which he imported from England. Other than the replacement of the stairway, the house remained basically the same, retaining its former grandeur. During the 1934-1937 presidential administration of Mrs. Fred C. Lawrence, Thomas Bascomb Stackhouse contributed his final tribute to SCFWC for its performance and service in the state. He bequeathed his historic house to the city of Columbia, for use as a State Headquarters for SCFWC. On June 8, 2000 the City of Columbia executed a quitclaim deed to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of South Carolina. The upstairs currently has two apartments and a room for the President of Federation. There are also two apartments in the carriage house in the rear of the property. GFWC-SC maintains the property through rentals and contributions from clubs and members. In 2000 the Sims-Stackhouse Mansion Endowment was established with the vision that the endowment would, in years to come, enable Federation to keep this historic home in its original grandeur. Federation has also established the 1511 Laurel Society, which enables members to contribute donations for the upkeep of the mansion. The Zoning Commission of Columbia lists the Sims-Stackhouse Mansion as a city landmark, with merit rating for its architectural significance. The National Registry of Historic Places, in Washington, DC, also lists the location with a similar designation. Thus this historic mansion, GFWC-SC Headquarters, preserves a southern legacy.

GFWC-SC Federation HeadquartersThe 1511 Society supports the preservation of Federation Headquarters, the Sims-Stackhouse Mansion.

To join, send $15.11 (or any multiple of $15.11), annually, to:
GFWC-SC Headquarters
Attn: 1511 Society Membership
1511 Laurel Street
Columbia, SC 29201